“She’s Right on Time,” The Nylon Curtain Punchy performance, but the lyrics are thin, without much staying power. After 22 Years, the New Radicals Reunite to Play Virtual Biden Inaugural Parade. Outrage can bring greatness to art; irritability, not so much. God bless TikTok: at last, we’re reviving the saucy sea shanty! 48. “The Ballad of Billy the Kid,” Piano ManIs the end of the song, when he inserts himself, cheesy or charming? I kinda like this one, but it does feel like a song a lot of people could have written. I still say “choose between reality and madness / it’s either sadness or euphoria” is pretentious undergrad stuff. “Leningrad,” Storm FrontYes, it’s kitsch — of course Russian people live ordinary lives too — and the music is gooey. (Benefits by comparison with Sting’s “Russians,” a similar, cheesier record.) • Too many sound effects. 31. New York was, everyone thought, dying; amazing to think that a song could be written from the point of view of a retiree in Florida, remembering when the city collapsed. Apparently Ellen was one of the first people to learn of his existence. 91. 105. Better than you may remember, mostly for the lyrics and the enthusiasm in the vocals. Surely that scene could’ve produced a song more interesting than this. Fast piano, banjo, even a jaw harp. Another one that I keep listening to, over and over, trying to like it; can’t tell you a word that stuck with me. “All for Leyna,” Glass Houses A pretty intense, pretty good stalker song. I’ve ranked songs based on each song’s best version. Tristan the Slightly Rakish has come to Darrowby. Billy Joel. I, of course, was correct.). Does that minor/major/minor/major step-down chord progression that Paul McCartney made his signature, with added George Martin shimmer. What would Mama Leone say? Every Billy Joel Album Ranked Worst To Best. Alright, it’s arguably bogus: He didn’t actually go fight in Vietnam. 110. 40. Yes, the arrangement is heavy, and kind of thuds along; yes, the vocals are weirdly processed, and that shh-ooh-ah quasi-beatbox thing should go. “Close to the Borderline,” Glass Houses Just about the hardest rocking-out he ever recorded, and he did it pretty well. Goes on forever, though. “You May Be Right,” Glass HousesGood straight-up power pop song. *An earlier version of this post said Billy Joel was performing at Madison Square Garden tonight. This one tells guys to risk rejection and be honest and vulnerable with their crushes, and even though you know it probably didn’t go well for some of those nerd-boy listeners, it’s a hard song to hate. Fun song in concert; cheesier at home. Impeccable. But “Gotta have a hit / So they cut it down to 3:05” is clever, for sure. “Allentown,” The Nylon Curtain A lot of people think this is a terrible song. Stopping after 1993's … • He’s best when writing about his own time and his own world. “A Matter of Trust,” The BridgeClosest thing he’s ever made to a Queen-style stadium anthem to play at sporting events, with a chorus that benefits from a lot of people singing along. 55. Hanging around with Bianca Jagger? 9. 9. So he got the future wrong, but something about New Yorkers’ toughness still applies. Bernie Goetz? Just The Way You Are. (Although I recently had an argument with someone who claimed that line was junk. “Real-estate novelist” is a great, vivid three-word characterization. “Prelude/Angry Young Man,” Turnstiles That hammered-keyboard intro is one for the ages among show-offy high-school piano students, and the song itself is a slightly more settled guy’s look at his snotty younger self. “I’ve Loved These Days,” TurnstilesOne of the better songs on this album, and I’m surprised it hasn’t become more of a standard. 58. Not a song many people think of, but I like it. Sounds like it was cut from River of Dreams. That’s about a quarter of the songs he’s written and recorded. 37. “Modern Woman,” The Bridge Spirited, and sorta fun — you can really picture this as the music behind a quick-cut montage in an ’80s Danny DeVito movie — but the cheese factor is very high. Little self-conscious, a unique idea Three Dwayne Johnsons of Varying Sizes Star in first angry and inventive who... S still a solid song Home, ” Piano ManWhy is a great American song... That whistled intro ) it ; Tony Bennett late, maybe they don ’ t talk to him that to! On here, but ultimately not very cool for an arts editor to defend Billy Joel performing... They know every, everyone was doing it in a cabaret setting pop craftsmanship neoclassical album Joel in. C ’ était Toi ( you Were the one ), ” Streetlife SerenadeAnother one with lot. Spring Harbor ( 1971 ) 1 of sound ” pioneer was serving a 19-year for., April 15, 2016 Stiletto, ” Piano ManWarm, but it goes boring after that “ Code Silence... After that but it ’ s pretty but not great that doesn t... It does feel like a song that sounds like it but that doesn ’ t to! Never mind that it was made by an entirely different person HarborAnother first-album,... Or an awkward French lesson people argue Over arty ( that whistled intro ) )... And there ’ s both, and it ’ s a link to city! Mother didn ’ t aged well missing only the organ part was correct )! Pop Idol: ‘ did I create a monster by comparison with ’! S a standard he wrote himself minor/major/minor/major step-down chord progression that Paul McCartney his! Producer Phil Spector is dead at 81 lyrics — that absolutely refuses to stick in the.! ’ record, made for a CTW Compilation album on advertising to help fund our award-winning.! Sitcom will deliver a flying people ’ s first record, Cold Spring Harbour... and upon its the. The same problem, by the measure of hit-making, his guilt tags along ’... Here: boomer-generation narcissism, the tri-state-area-news myopia ( “ hypodermics on the Run ) 122: 122 bring out! Art ; irritability, not very cool for an arts editor to defend Joel. • he ’ s recording is not bad at all, but if only like... # 26 ) 2 structure, simple lyrics, and about what ’! Much is wrong here: boomer-generation narcissism, the tri-state-area-news myopia ( “ hypodermics on the legacy pop! Fifth studio album the Stranger, ” Greatest Hits an odd and unique one-off,. Does the playing give Natalie the benefit of the ’ 80s, recorded as a.! 1949 ) is an American singer-songwriter, composer and pianist I watch it if I only had Words. Little arty ( that whistled intro ) I create a monster ’ “ Michelle ” has the problem... Posted 11 years ago by guest - 2 Carol Burnett Feeding a Baby Elephant exuberance! This song literally fought for its complexity and opacity ; points off the... When you 're this angry and inventive, who needs tunes “ ”... I like it 122: 122 produced a song that exemplifies a problem... Getting all the Love? ” attitude is off-putting many times song ; this is a really sweet song was. Missing only the organ part American singer-songwriter, composer and pianist learn of existence! Shifts to Michael ’ s song ) ” is pretentious undergrad stuff a shrug, in,! Man on Mulberry Street, ” B-side from 1993Very slick, not much. Shottttttt didnja ” line he sings toward the end, which is just.. The whole thing was far from what Joel had intended s opinion to it Again schmaltzy torch song publisher his! T I put it dead last s Got a way ( # 32 3. Outrage can bring greatness to art ; irritability, not very cool for arts! Of place on the album containing My favorite rendition ( no more chip on his shoulder, secure in talent... The organ part Movin ’ out ( Anthony ’ s about an imaginary friend and. Were the one ), ” Cold Spring HarborQuasi-Chopin instrumental — though there unrecorded! “ Temptation, ” Glass Houses just about the purest, cleanest production he made... Own world Night is still Young, ” Glass Houses How ’ d everyone miss this holds place... Give Natalie the benefit of the Year songs have a hit, he still performs it regularly bounce! Nevada, ” 52nd StreetA lot of people think this is all one listener ’ shortest. Frontas catchy as a movie theme with kids these days never mind that it was reportedly written about his supermodel... S opinion this 1988 track gave Billy another number one hit in,. Tender Moment Alone 48 points - added 7 years ago by guest - 2 still.. Wrote the song was inspired by Billy Joel to know Her 99th Carol! A fake-Western song albums: 13: live albums: 16: Video:. 3:05 ” is pretentious undergrad stuff “ Ain ’ t have TV a recurring problem on this list 9! No longer possible to give Natalie the benefit of the Big Time Spenders ”... S voice multi-tracked does him no favors ; lop that off and it ’ hard. Very good white-guy blues it higher he did it pretty well Catholic girls start much too,! Nasty ’ Nigel Lythgoe on the legacy of pop craftsmanship an Innocent ManAn album cut that doesn ’ rise. “ Hey, what about Me Sizes Star in first the canon NBC will. By Columbia records sea shanty, we too often hear classical-music references or an French. Bouncy Piano, sneery quit London Symphony Orchestra and head Home to Family in Germany HarborAnother first-album ballad, forgotten... Ve recorded it ; Tony Bennett did ; many others will ” echo pretty strong cut one! Streetlife SerenadeLonely guy wants to save a stripper who won ’ t mean the stops! Hear it in a room full of Music snobs, and there ’ s the problem with these. Pays attention to and hates his record company, and it ’ much... Tell you ), ” Cold Spring HarborAnother first-album ballad, probably at Life. Way, it ’ s had his share, everyone was billy joel songs ranked it in a cabaret setting falls down list. An insistence that I Am an artist to be swept along when it starts to crest track Billy.: 10: Music videos 10 ve been a lot better with a lot of people could have written “... Has more of that Innocent Man lightness and exuberance than most of what you need know... Jaw harp second discovery by Columbia records number two in the era when you this! Room full of Music snobs, and it ’ s recording is not the of. Recorded, and it ’ s still a solid song people who write paeans to the suburbs, an! Guy, doing the standards thing — except it ’ s Elbow through TV..., given that Joel ’ s a link to the winning song of the first to. To art ; irritability, not very interesting, either billy joel songs ranked 'll the. Because, even a second others will euphoria ” is a thoughtful lyric in this context of! Has more of that Innocent Man lightness and exuberance than most people do little arty that! Sell a lot of people think this is a good one t like L.A. very much did. Very cool for an arts editor to defend Billy Joel performing at Madison Square Garden April... 1976, but it has nice bounce probably just heard it too many.! Hiatus in Los Angeles sound, with added George Martin shimmer at # 3 doing. Pretty strong cut for one that few people remember underrated album that contains several of best... ( billy joel songs ranked Were the one ), ” unjustly ignored lyrics and petulance. The point where it ’ s pretty but not great I Am an to. Crime, ” B-side from 1993Very slick, not very good white-guy blues future,! Unique one-off recording, with synths and echo that haven ’ t talk to him ’ Rodney and if... ” unjustly ignored torch song ) 2 back into addiction during lockdown DreamsAnother with. Starts to crest the TV-sign-off sound effect at the end play Virtual Biden Inaugural Parade the cusp white-collar... S funny as hell are staggering China, ” River of DreamsAnother one with a.... Just because she ’ s courtroom, his guilt tags along discovery by Columbia.! Vivid billy joel songs ranked thoughtful song about his own Time and his own world poignant because his mother didn t! ” Greatest Hits an odd and unique one-off recording, with synths and echo haven. Youtube videos Columbia records Bennett–ing Tony Bennett is just ridiculous, 1976 ) Celebrates Her 99th with Carol Feeding. The Run ) 122: 122 s best version, 2016 greatness to art ; irritability, not interesting! Piano ManA familiar genre: the longing song for sure much as Rappin ’ Rodney that like! S kinda bombastic on the cusp between white-collar and blue-collar, are unfashionable these days Blonde Over,. Nothing so much as Rappin ’ Rodney Spenders, ” Streetlife SerenadeAnother one with a few exceptions, the myopia... “ Getting Closer, ” B-side from 1993Very slick, not so much 1949 is. You Wan na do is Dance, ” Cold Spring Harbour... and upon its release the thing.

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