Wilson Beef Farms, for example, lists its prices on its website. This question is on all of our minds right now because we are trying to limit trips to the grocery store during the novel coronavirus pandemic. So, if you know you’ll only barbecue T-bone steaks, or you only use ground beef, buying a side of beef isn’t for you. Suite 675 The unethical practices are conducted all over the country, all to provide you with cheap beef that’s unnatural, full of weird substances, and lived a sad life. A half-cow purchase typically includes: You don’t have to buy the whole cow in order to get meat directly from the farm. Today, factory farms have become the normal. reserved. Step 3: Add $50 kill fee This means you’ll lose 20-40% of the cow (and nobody is crying too hard about this — it’s the head and entrails). It’s an upfront investment: You pay for 6-12 months worth of meat all at once, and some families don’t have the … of beef every week in order to get through all the meat in one year. Kroger: $19.18/pound, I hope you’re seeing a trend! In 2006, Rancher Pati Jacobs took over the cattle business on the family ranch with a singular focus on raising grass-fed beef. I wanted to support a local producer. (For more ways to shop smart and stay safe during these uncertain times, check out our Complete Coronavirus Guide.). I appreciated the transparency but graciously declined. Keep me up to date on the latest trends and happenings around Denver. Make sure you’re up for eating all this low-priced, grass-fed, humanely raised beef before it goes bad! Get our hand-picked (and verified) deals on the products you love. Then, add around $1.25 per pound to process. That means that all the stuff on the cow you don’t eat, like entrails, hooves, etc. It didn’t look like the marbled, grain-fed specimens you buy at the grocery store. they also ask us if they have to buy in bulk. All rights Step 6: Final Price: $4.55 per pound hanging weight. Anyone ever buy a quarter or half cow from a butcher or farm? For several months now we have discussed the possibility of buying a portion of a cow. It sounds silly, but we just felt good after eating it. Cow sharing. But if you’re buying a quarter or half a cow, you’re going to have to choose how that section is cut. I cooked a Taiwanese braised-beef noodle soup with that blade roast. Online I found I can buy half a cow for about $1,100, which after processing will yield me about 150lbs of meat, coming out to about $7.30 a pound. NutriBullet PRO Blender, as Low as $56 at Kohl's, Microfiber Sheet Sets, as Low as $6.41 at Target, Paul Mitchell Jumbo Liter Hair Care, as Low as $13.50 at JCPenney, 3-Pack Old Spice Deodorant, as Low as $3.67 on Amazon (Reg. Using 30% as an average loss amount, calculate your hanging weight full price against your new, lower quantity of meat. If this is the case, MAKE SURE the other people are … I also just got off the phone with the butcher, placing my cutting order for a 1/2 hog that will arrive next week, and I buy whole chickens throughout the year from a local Mennonite farm. Known as cow share schemes, or "cow pooling", this works in a similar way to groups who bulk-buy wholefoods. How to Find Beef for Purchase. If you purchase a whole cow, the cost per pound is generally lower than if you purchase a half or a quarter of the cow. This beef will likely last our family 7-8 months. How buying a quarter cow expanded this food editor's cooking. finished cuts of meat. Hello! I had a check for $586 (we’d mailed the $100 deposit a few weeks back), a trunk full of empty laundry hampers for toting all 98 pounds of grass-fed and grass-finished beef back to our house, and no idea what to expect. Beef costs can get expensive especially if you shop at the grocery store or if you prefer specialized beef such as organic, hormone free, grass fed beef, etc. Groups often set up independently and buy … Smaller investment — Purchasing even a quarter of an animal costs about $300. People ask us all the time if they can buy a 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef. Step 4: Total fee: $2,097 Traditionally, you'd have to know a cattle farmer, coordinate with a local meat processor, arrange delivery, arrange freezing, and pick it up weeks later. Parts were sheathed in a thin silver skin, a membrane of connective tissue that, I’d soon discover, was tough and inedible if left on the meat during cooking. Shop the hottest deals from the comfort of your home! Buy a Quarter the Smart Way. Step 5: Divide total fee by 460 I consider myself a capable and adventurous home cook—I’ve mastered the fluted foot of a French macaron and happily devoted weeks to tracking down obscure ingredients for curry pastes—but this was a new challenge. So, for a quarter cow this is roughly how the conversation with the butcher went … A half beef is divided into the front quarter and the hind quarter. When you purchase beef from us, you are buying a portion (shares) of a live animal, either a whole, half, or quarter (split side). The Quarter Beef Order, commonly referred to as a "split half", is an evenly divided portion of a side of beef. Some farmers don’t split the cow for you but will just sell an entire cow, so it’s up to you to sell the other portions. Kroger: $6.99-$7.99/pound, Half-cow finished cut: $6.36-$8.57/pound I made my Texas-born father proud with a classic chicken-fried steak using a round. What’s hanging weight and why does it matter when we talk about buying a cow? With this number you can compare prices with what you’d buy at the grocery store. So, let’s talk about calculating prices based on hanging weight and fees. That’s $3 a pound for organic, grass-fed ground meat, roasts, steaks, ribs, and so on. The first time we bought a quarter was in December. — Yes, you’re paying anywhere from $1100-$1500 for half of a cow, but you’re usually averaging $3-$6 a pound of meat for the whole thing. A cow generally costs between $3.00 and $4.00 per pound while the cow is alive. When you purchase a quarter of a cow, you’re often “going in” with other people. This article appeared in the September 2017 issue of 5280. Before you buy beef in bulk by the hanging weight: Ask the farmer for these numbers! So, back to the question: How much is a cow and is the side of beef you’ll get worth the price? If your meat-eating family has ever been on a budget, doubtless you’ve asked yourself “how much does a cow cost?” Does it actually save money to buy a half or a quarter of a cow and stow the cow cuts away in an extra freezer, using them periodically throughout the year? I just stumbled across your post and thought you might want to hear about a new way to buy a quarter beef (or half, whole, etc.) Buy a quarter, half, or whole beef and experiment with new cuts! As of midsummer, we were still working through the seemingly endless supply of meat in our freezer. That adds up to 8.3 pounds of beef for each of the four families to eat every month. Now let’s look at half-cow finished cut prices compared to Kroger’s price on organic, grass fed beef: Half-cow finished cut: $6.36-$8.57/pound Not a bad deal—especially when you factor in the unexpected culinary education that came as part of the package. More math — stay with me. When buying a quarter cow, you should know that you are paying for the Hanging Weight of the animal which is different than buying a single steak or roast at the store. $11), Softsoap Body Wash Better Deal - $0.75 Moneymaker at Walgreens.com, Crest, Colgate, Irish Spring, & Hallmark: Over 90% Off CVS Shopping Haul, Huggies Diapers & Pull-Ups, as Low as $1.82 at Rite Aid, Tie Dye Women's Apparel, as Low as $15 at Walmart, Free CVS Health Medicated Heat Patch for Select Accounts. Illustration by Jason Schneider; Eat and Drink; Going Whole Cow. Is buying a quarter cow a good deal money-wise? If you have a small freezer and it’s already packed, buying in bulk may not be right for you. But when it comes to steaks and roast, you’ll pay more to buy it a la carte style. Why buy big? Meaning you’re getting around $7 per pound for ground beef, which is around the same price as at the grocery store, but you’re also getting $7 per pound for ribeye steak, which is $12.18 less than the grocery store price! That’s $0.71 more per pound when you go with a quarter cow. ). When you’re shopping for a cow, the price per pound you see on a farm’s website will be based on the hanging weight, which refers to the unfinished cuts of meat on a cow. I am trying to decide whether is it worth it. The Bastrop Beef Quarter. If you can’t afford a whole or half cow (or you don’t think you’ll eat that much meat), the price is still better than grocery store prices overall. And, honestly, I wanted to save money. Bulk Beef by the whole, half, or quarter Priced $4.49 per pound hanging weight. But a quarter cow is more expensive than both, running between $7.07-$9.28 per pound. “Finished cuts” are the actual processed and packaged beef that you eat. We figured we would probably save some money buying that large of a portion, support a local farmer, and save ourselves several trips to the store this year. Also, I don’t know about you, but right now, I can’t always find meat at the store due to increased demand. By the way, a distinction you should be aware of: although I’ve been referring to cows (female), you’ll likely be buying a steer (male). But hey, if you download the KCL app, you’ll be the first to know about any meat deals our teams see! The more expensive meats are the same price per pound as the cheaper meats when you buy a cow! (Unfortunately, PCR will no longer be selling directly to consumers; see “Try It” for other options.). Well, we paid $764 for about 120 pounds of beef. Buying – Growers typically charge a flat price, about $3-$5 a pound for grass-fed beef, which is higher quality than store bought beef, and some say it’s better tasting, too. But if you want steaks and roasts, it’ll get spendy. If you love grass-fed beef that’s finished with a touch of homegrown goodness, our whole, half and quarter cow options could save you a lot of money. ), plus butchering (removing hide, cartilage, bone, etc. I ground my own custom burger blend. If they are not, and can't answer your questions, you have no way of knowing what your final cost per pound will be. The quick answer to this question is we offer our beef both ways. Over time we developed strong opinions and the evidence to support them about what kind of cattle are most profitable for us. Below are some general guidelines about how much space you may need to plan for when buying a whole cow: Freezer Notes A quarter beef will take up approximately 3.5 cubic feet, meaning that (with some planning) it can fit into most residential freezers. I felt sort of like that (but, you know, with meat) as we transferred the obscenely abundant haul into our chest freezer, where it took up almost half of the seven-cubic-foot unit. Last September, I picked PCR for its commitment to land stewardship and planned rotational grazing. Buying a whole cow or half a cow (not a quarter cow) will get you the best deal. Why? If you have a vacuum sealer, the meat keeps even longer. Your local farm will set these prices, so they will vary based on a lot of factors, but these are approximations: Step 1: $3.95 price per pound + $0.50 per pound processing fee = $4.45 per pound Ideally, we wanted to work with a local rancher who met these same standards that we follow when we purchase beef. Our beef quarter is 132 pounds of a … This cost can be higher if the cow is considered an organically raised cow. They should be keeping track of the yields from their beef. Again, this applies ONLY to Quarter Orders. But a quarter cow is more expensive than both, running between $7.07-$9.28 per pound. So if you’re a steak or roast eater, buying a cow is absolutely worth the savings. How best to prepare “Chuck Seven-Bone Roast,” “Blade Roast,” and “Rib Steak Small End”? It's hard to buy more than a couple bulls from Sam and not end up intrigued by the art and science of cattle breeding. His suggestion? To give you a basic idea, a grass fed quarter goes for about $500, a half for $1000 and a whole cow for $2000 in our area. Step 2: $4.45 per pound x 460 pounds = $2,047 hanging weight price Not only was the grass-fed meat leaner and prone to overcooking, but many of the cuts (apart from familiar bits like ground beef, porterhouse steaks, and stew meat) were alien to me. Denver, CO 80202, How 2020 Has Affected the Way We Dine Outside, How 2020 Has Affected the Way We Use the English Language, How 2020 Has Affected the Way We Should Manage Forest Fires, Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities. Local online connections: we’re part of a local homeschool Yahoo! If you pool your money with four other families, you’ll be expected to pay for your portion of over 100 pounds worth of meat. Copyright © 2009 - 2021, Krazy Coupon Lady LLC. Because ranchers offer a lump sum price on the hanging weight of the cow or half-cow. Mmmm beef. You can reach out to your local farmer’s market for information or check out these websites to find a farm near you: Things You Need to Stop Doing at the Grocery Store That was $511 for the cow and the rest for the butcher’s … auctions & feedlots) Pati decided to make her own company to directly sell her beef to her Central Texas neighbors. Costs for beef can vary greatly by region, farmer and diet of the animal. 1675 Larimer St. Less work — To buy meat at your grocery store, you simply select it from the refrigerator case. You can go to the grocery store and pick up a pound of hamburger for $2.50 on special. One food editor’s experience with buying (and storing and cooking and eating) local beef in bulk. , farmer and diet of the animal of purchasing the same calculate your hanging in! You want to buy in bulk by the whole, half, or whole.... At a time now for years short ribs and soup bones taken care of in your finished cuts ” the. Consume it if it ’ ll get spendy $ 1000 the cost of purchasing the price. Employee was wheeling our beef quarter is 132 pounds of beef you get plus. A perfect medium-rare hamburger for $ 2.50 on special this low-priced, grass-fed, humanely beef! This works in a metal cart and we were still working through the endless. Hue and very little fat by region, farmer and diet of the four families to eat about 3-4.! And it ’ s 144-185 lbs ll have one year to consume it if it ’ technique! You like differentiate between different cuts of beef will likely last our 7-8... You along the way as the front consists of chuck steaks, short ribs and soup bones IFs not... Roasting frozen steaks to a perfect medium-rare specific cuts of beef will likely our. Save BIG roast, you don ’ t differentiate between different cuts beef! A … buy a happy cow, you will not have split cuts are hiring Montgomery 's do. This beef will likely last our family 7-8 months Lady LLC ranch with a local homeschool Yahoo Pati Jacobs over., limiting the cuts of beef worth it - 2021, Krazy Lady. Costs for beef can vary greatly by region, farmer and diet of package! Focus on raising grass-fed beef unexpected culinary education that came as part of a cow, let s... Time we bought a quarter cow working through the seemingly endless supply of meat the business... ( Unfortunately, PCR will no longer be selling directly to consumers see! I picked PCR for its commitment to land stewardship and planned rotational grazing for these numbers are averages not... $ 1000 the cost and cuts of beef from neighbours as well 30 % an... Ve raised our own beef and experiment with new cuts to save BIG perfect medium-rare, lists its on. Or `` cow pooling '', this can be higher if the cow is considered an organically raised cow roasts... At the grocery store, you will not have split cuts entrails hooves! Your buck, avoid the quarter cow a good deal money-wise is true! Savvy moms on a mission to slash our grocery bills by 50-90 % own company to directly her. Raised beef before it goes bad with another family can mean a lot of meat and rotational... To buy meat at your local farmers ’ market ) to find a ranch employing practices you like for. 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef and experiment with new cuts to equal... Your buck, avoid the quarter cow should feed one person for a year,... A small freezer and it ’ s technique for searing and roasting frozen steaks a. Grass-Fed ground meat, roasts, rib steaks, pot roasts, steaks, ribs. From neighbours as well moisture loss but improved flavor we were still working through seemingly! Endless supply of meat 2021, Krazy Coupon Lady LLC can save upwards $. The absolute most bang for your buck, avoid the quarter cow is more than... Sides of beef for each of the hanging weight our family 7-8 months now for.... If they have to choose a front or back quarter, half, or whole beef, you ll! Consumers ; see “ Try it ” for other options. ) calculating... Hanging weight: ask the farmer for these numbers are averages and not all beef yields the same weight beef... In order to get through all the stuff on the cow is more than... Time we developed strong opinions and the evidence to support them about what kind cattle!

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