!159/9/2012$180.27PioneerPioneer SX-850 (excellent condition)1111/24/2013$180.27MarantzMarantz 1060 Silver Faced Console Stereo Amplifier. MARANTZ 2245 STEREO RECEIVER SYSTEM W/ ORIGINAL WOOD CASE WORKS NR, MARANTZ 4230 STEREO QUADRAPHONIC RECEIVER SERVICED, Super Clean Marantz 4230 Stereo 2+ Quadradial 4 Receiver, MARANTZ 2270 L@@K VGC WORKING CONDITION (NO-STATIC), PIONEER SX-1010 RECEIVER IN OUTSTANDING CONDITION. We service 70's or newer . Our used speakers list is always changing. Audiophile Quality, Fully Operational. KENWOOD Model ELEVEN Receiver Awesome unit and SOUNDs great! Sansui 9090DB Stereo Reciever Near Mint Works Perfect, MARANTZ MODEL 2270 RECEIVER AMP FREE SHIPPING WORKS GREAT, Mac 1900 McIntosh AM FM Stereo Receiver Amp Amplifier, Fisher 400 Tube Receiver Sound Sweet and Working Great Nice Collectable, PIONEER SX-3900 STEREO RECEIVER EXCELLENT FM QUARTZ LOCKED, 1963 FISHER TFM 1000 / Professional Series / FM Stereo Tuner, McINTOSH 1700 RECEIVER CLEAN UNIT TUBE FM, HH Scott Stereomaster Model 345 FM Stereo Tube Receiver Tuner Amplifier, Strikingly Handsome Marantz 4240 Quadradial 4 + 2 Stereo Receiver, The Fisher Wide Band FM Multiplex Receiver 500c 1963, Pioneer SX-980 (Fantastic Condition) brother SX-1280 SX-1080 SX-880, Rare The Fisher Stereo Receiver 800c 800 c 800-c Works VHTF Power Unit, Sansui 9090DB Stereo Receiver for Parts or Repair, Rare Audiophile Bang & Olufsen BeoCenter 9000 Music Center - Receiver -CD -Tape, KENWOOD KR 9600 2 Channel 160 Watt/Channel Stereo Receiver Excellent Working, LUXMAN R117 R-117 Stereo Receiver 160 watts/channel, MARANTZ 2250B RECEIVER WITH DOLBY VERY SHARP, NAD 2155 Power Amp, 3155 Stereo Amp, and 4150 Stereo Tuner. McIntosh FM Tube Stereo Hybrid Receiver MAC- 1700. Selling audio equipment online can be challenging. Eventually you will come across the receiver you seek.  Original purchase invoices – for all major components & some smaller items Works as it should. cuanto vale el marantz 2500 y donde lo tiene jerry G. Hi, Finally the tuner section is aligned, both FM and AM. CLASSIC PIONEER SX-850 RECEIVER NEAR MINT COND. No matter what, they don’t sound anywhere close to what they did brand new. Yamaha CR-1040 Stereo Receiver. Not only do we repair vintage audio, but we also have the largest selection of used stereos and equipment for sale in the area! REALISTIC STA-2080 STEREO RECEIVER W/MANUAL AND BOX 100% WORKING ORDER!!! A mainstay of the audiophile world since the late '90s, AudiogoN is the largest, most respected high-end audio community in the industry. Sansui QRX-5500 Quad 4 Channel Stereo Receiver Japan Excellent Condition. cond.161/13/2013$198.50FisherFisher 500T Stereophonic Receiver : Good Condition211/29/2013$199.00PioneerPIONEER STEREO RECIEVER SX-780 SUPER CLEAN & NEAR MINT112/31/2013$199.00PioneerPIONEER SX-850 RECEIVER WORKS ONE OF THE BEST FROM PIONEER212/16/2013$199.00SansuiMACHO SANSUI 5500 AM FM STEREO RECEIVER 2 / 4 CHANNEL MONSTER SERVICED112/11/2013$199.00SansuiSansui QRX-7500A Biq Monster Quad Good Shape Read for Details112/02/2013$199.00SansuiSANSUI RECIEVER 8080 DB111/25/2013$199.00SansuiSansui Model 1000A Clean All parts present. Certain diodes, smaller resistors, or hot running transistors and other components are on the check to replace list. Sound Exchange maintains an excellent inventory of quality classic stereo equipment from the 1950s to the early 1980s. In today’s money that’s like $2000.00. If it's audio related and you want to buy it, sell it, or look for it, then we are your one-stop, comprehensive resource. Sansui 9090DB AM/FM Dolby Stereo Receiver ~ Nice! Pioneer SX-1050 Stereo Receiver --- 120 Watts per Channel --- Fully Functional ! Quite, Engraved Champagne Marantz 2270-Re-lamped-Serviced-1970's Flagship-70 Watts RMS, Fisher 800c Cosmetically beautiful in Original wooden case, HITACHI SR 2004 - MONSTER RECEIVER - JAPAN 1970s STEREO - HI POWER UNIT, FISHER MODEL 400 CUSTOM STEREO FM RECEIVER, Mid Century Jetsons 1964 Kenwood KW-70 Multiplex Tube Stereo Receiver, Tube Marantz Stereophonic Receiver Model 18 circa 1960s, McIntosh MAC 1900 AM/FM stereo receiver GORGEOUS, Sweet Sansui Am/Fm Receiver Tuner TU-717 & Sansui Amplifier AU-717, Nice Sansui 9090DB AM/FM Stereo Receiver 120 WPC, Sony STR-V7 Stereo Receiver - 150Watts Per Channel RMS, kenwood kr 9600 Stereo Reciever The Flagship Of Power 160 watts x2 Run A Guitar, Marantz 4300 Quad monster receiver LED converted 4400 brother WC-43 case, Marantz model Eighteen 18 Stereo receiever, MARANTZ MODEL 2325 STERIO RECEIVER, WORKS GREAT. Works fine, Sansui 5000X Stereo AM/FM Receiver with pouch and paperwork, Sansui 9090 Stereo Reciever excellent condition, Beautiful Marantz 2275- Serviced- LED Upgrade-1970's Flagship, FISHER 250 TUNE O MATIC AM FM Solid State Stereo Receiver WORKS, HH Scott Stereomaster 340-B tube receiver amplifier, Sansui 7070 Stereo Receiver, Serviced, Tested, SUPERB Sound, Excellent Condition, 1975 Pioneer SX-1010 SX1010 Silver Face Stereo Receiver Amplifier Preamp, Marantz 2265B Stereophonic Receiver Collectible. Audio Classics 800-321-2834 or 607-766-3501: CATEGORIES Accessories (18) Amplifiers (95) Antennas (6) Books (121) Cabinets (35) ... Career opportunity with a relaxed, slow growing, long established audio company.  RCA cables – multi-pin & color-coded – enough to connect all components to pre-amp |. Works Great! Buy sell and trade vintage and new audio equipment. 40 Years of Trusted Audio Service Experience. Pioneer SX-1250 Receiver- GREAT Working condition - but only fair appearance.  Original boxes – for all major components, speakers & tapes (reel + cassette) Fisher 400 Vacume Tube Receiver ~ Integrated Tube Amp ~ Wideband Multiplex Tuner, FISHER 500C TUBE RECEIVER TUNER 1 OWNER GOING CHEAP, Marantz 2265B receiver wonderful condition original owner. [This list is outdated! MARANTZ 2265B199/13/2012$356.00SansuiSansui 5000x Stereo tuner Amplifier91/10/2013$356.00SansuiSansui QRX-7500A Quadraphonic 4 - Channel Stereo Receiver Excellent Condition61/02/2013$356.00SansuiSansui 1000A Tube Stereo Receiver for parts or restore148/5/2012$356.00SansuiSANSUI QRX-9001 4CH RECEIVER (1)197/26/2012$356.00Bang OlufsenBang & Olufsen B&O Beocenter 9000 Hi-Fi Stereo Receiver/CD/Cassette System 25015011/27/2013$356.71MarantzMarantz Receiver Model 2265B2011/25/2013$357.00PioneerPioneer stereo reciever sx-980149/17/2012$357.00SansuiSansui 9090 One Owner311/28/2013$358.00MarantzMARANTZ 4400 QUADRADIAL RECEIVER Quad Complete Working Parts Unit161/19/2013$358.13PioneerPioneer SX-1080 Stereo Receiver1712/09/2013$360.00SansuiSansui G-7000 Pure Power 85 watts/channel stereo receiver412/01/2013$360.00SansuiSansui Eight Deluxe Receiver In Great Condition511/15/2013$360.00PioneerPIONEER QX-949 STEREO/QUADRAPHONIC RECEIVER RECENTLY SERVICED IN FINE CONDITION229/16/2012$360.90MarantzMarantz 2270 Stereophonic Audiophile Receiver 1970's Flagship287/29/2012$361.51MarantzMarantz 4400 Receiver Quad221/22/2013$361.99FisherThe Fisher 250 TX Stereo Receiver with Tune-O-Matic911/21/2013$362.00MarantzMarantz 2275 AM-FM Stereo Receiver, New Lamps, Filter Caps, Great Condition1612/09/2013$362.76Bang OlufsenBang & Olufsen Beocenter 950029/19/2012$364.00YamahaYamaha 2020 in Great Cosmetic and Operational Condition351/30/2013$364.00FisherFisher 500-B Stereophonic Tube Amp Receiver 500b412/15/2013$364.99OnkyoOnkyo Integra Model T-9090II Quartz Synthesized Stereo FM Tuner2211/18/2013$364.99Bang OlufsenBang & Olufsen 6500 Beomaster receiver, cassette deck, turn table, remote.201/28/2013$365.00FisherFisher 400 Vacume Tube Receiver ~ Integrated Tube Amp ~ Wideband Multiplex Tuner1812/16/2013$365.00FisherFISHER 500C TUBE RECEIVER TUNER 1 OWNER GOING CHEAP711/29/2013$365.00MarantzMarantz 2265B receiver wonderful condition original owner612/12/2013$365.00PioneerPIONEER SX-939 STEREO RECEIVER, +FACTORY BOX OWNERS MANUAL,BILL OF SALE,241/06/2013$365.00PioneerPioneer SX-950 Receiver Fully Serviced (New Caps and transistors fully cleaned)51/03/2013$365.00SansuiSansui 9090 Stereo Receiver Works Great312/08/2013$365.00SansuiSansui 9090DB AM/FM Dolby Stereo Receiver ~ Nice!89/5/2012$365.00SansuiSansui 9090DB Stereo Reciever Near Mint Works Perfect147/29/2012$365.01MarantzMARANTZ MODEL 2270 RECEIVER AMP FREE SHIPPING WORKS GREAT1211/25/2013$365.50McIntoshMac 1900 McIntosh AM FM Stereo Receiver Amp Amplifier1911/20/2013$366.31FisherFisher Stereo Receiver model 250-T489/15/2012$368.00FisherFisher 400 Tube Receiver Sound Sweet and Working Great Nice Collectable17/21/2012$368.98PioneerPIONEER SX-3900 STEREO RECEIVER EXCELLENT FM QUARTZ LOCKED112/23/2013$369.99Fisher1963 FISHER TFM 1000 / Professional Series / FM Stereo Tuner129/10/2012$370.00LuxmanLuxman L100 L-100 Integrated Amplifier1511/30/2013$370.00McIntoshMcINTOSH 1700 RECEIVER CLEAN UNIT TUBE FM1311/18/2013$370.00SansuiONE OWNER Sansui 8080 Receiver2711/17/2013$370.00ScottHH Scott Stereomaster Model 345 FM Stereo Tube Receiver Tuner Amplifier3011/18/2013$370.00MarantzStrikingly Handsome Marantz 4240 Quadradial 4 + 2 Stereo Receiver311/10/2013$370.50FisherThe Fisher Wide Band FM Multiplex Receiver 500c 1963612/06/2013$372.00PioneerPioneer SX-980 (Fantastic Condition) brother SX-1280 SX-1080 SX-88037/29/2012$372.83FisherRare The Fisher Stereo Receiver 800c 800 c 800-c Works VHTF Power Unit208/3/2012$373.00SansuiSansui 5000X Receiver / Amplifier611/07/2013$373.00KenwoodKenwood KR9600 stereo reciever1411/08/2013$374.00ScottHH SCOTT 340 FM STEREO RECEIVER 7591A PP2211/27/2013$374.69SansuiSansui 9090DB Stereo Receiver for Parts or Repair112/02/2013$374.99Bang OlufsenRare Audiophile Bang & Olufsen BeoCenter 9000 Music Center - Receiver -CD -Tape39/11/2012$375.00KenwoodKENWOOD KR 9600 2 Channel 160 Watt/Channel Stereo Receiver Excellent Working28/3/2012$375.00LuxmanLUXMAN R117 R-117 Stereo Receiver 160 watts/channel31/31/2013$375.00MarantzMARANTZ 2250B RECEIVER WITH DOLBY VERY SHARP12/03/2013$375.00NADNAD 2155 Power Amp, 3155 Stereo Amp, and 4150 Stereo Tuner212/27/2013$375.00PioneerBeautiful Pioneer SX-98011/18/2013$375.00Pioneerpioneer SX950 reciever112/31/2013$375.00Pioneerpioneer sx 950 reciever112/31/2013$375.00PioneerPIONEER QX-949A STEREO/QUADRAPHONIC 4 CHANNEL FULL LOGIC SQ RECEIVER & SERVICED111/11/2013$375.00PioneerPioneer Stereo Reveiver model SX-1050 excellent condition, near mint,3111/18/2013$375.75SansuiMONSTER SANSUI QRX 5500 QUAD RECEIVER - MINT CONDITION - 220W-4ohms 160W-8ohms11/07/2013$375.95Marantzmarantz 4270 receiver388/5/2012$377.99MarantzMarantz 2270 Receiver1511/16/2013$378.98MarantzMarantz 2270112/26/2013$379.00PioneerPioneer SX 980 "Monster" Receiver - Re-capped and READY to ROCK2011/21/2013$379.99KenwoodKenwood KR 11000 G81/29/2013$380.00KenwoodKENWOOD RECEIVER KR 9600151/24/2013$380.00MarantzMarantz 2270 Stereo Receiver - GREAT CONDITION1312/28/2013$380.00McIntoshMcIntosh 1900 SOLID STATE Stereo Receiver 55 Watts - Clean Unit289/16/2012$380.00PioneerSX- 1250 Pioneer Reciever131/15/2013$380.00PioneerPIONEER SX-950 (1976) AM/FM RECEIVER FULLY RESTORED TO MINT CONDITION1112/18/2013$380.00PioneerPioneer SX-1050 Receiver--120 watts per channel--Fully Functional!58/8/2012$380.00TandbergTandberg TR 2060 AM FM Stereo Receiver481/27/2013$380.00YamahaYAMAHA CR-2040 Monster NATURAL SOUND STEREO RECEIVER1912/09/2013$380.00SansuiSansui QRX-7500 Quadraphonic 4 - Channel Stereo ReceiverUSED4412/28/2013$380.09FisherFISHER 500C TUBE RECEIVER AMP299/7/2012$380.99MarantzStunning Marantz 2270- LED Upgrade- Professionally Serviced- 1970's Flagship2711/23/2013$381.00SansuiSANSUI 5000X STEREO AMPLIFIER RECEIVER W/ WOOD CASE CABINET EXCELLENT342/03/2013$381.00SansuiSansui 5000X Stereo Receiver61/13/2013$381.00MarantzMarantz 2240 - AM/FM Receiver - Cleaned Tested -311/27/2013$381.50MarantzMarantz 2252B712/02/2013$381.50Marantz1977 Marantz Model No. SX1050 Silver face Wood, Nice Pioneer SX-1010 AM/FM Stereo Receiver 100 WPC, SANSUI 9090DB 1970S AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER 9090 DB 435 WATTS COLLEGE STATION, SANSUI 9090DB Stereo Receiver 125 Watts Per Channel in Condition, Sansui G-7500 Receiver - Excellent - 120/95 Watts RMS per Channel, SANSUI 9090 DB Stereo Reciever - FOR REPAIR OR PARTS, Pioneer SX-850 Stereo Receiver Complete Restoration Sounds and s Awesome, Sansui G-9700 Stereo Receiver For parts or repair 3 DAY AUCTION, Marantz 2275 Receiver Aligned by Specialist 75 Watts Per Channel, McIntosh Mac 1900 Stereo Receiver Walnut Cabinet Great Shape, Sansui 1000A 100w 7591 tube receiver restored excellent, Fisher 400 Tube Receiver in good working order w/ wood cabinet, PIONEER SX-980 STEREO RECEIVER 80-WPS RMS SUPER CLEAN & SOUNDS GREAT, Fisher 800B Tube Receiver With Case Untouched Original Good Survivor Cond, SANSUI 9090DB Audio Receiver Very Good Cosmetic Condition Needs Repair. All major components except the speakers were made in Japan. 1950's 60's Kenwood Kw-60 Tube Amp Receiver w/Box, Marantz 2265B Receiver 65W-RMS Excellent Cond & Wow what warm sound it makes. 7907 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21234 (410) 882-4360 We are a store of music lovers ourselves. Stunning Marantz 2270- LED Upgrade- Serviced- 1970's Flagship-. Sansui QR-6500 Monster Receiver Serviced - Excellent, Pioneer SX-9000 Stereo Receiver Reverberation Original Box & Instructions, Marantz SQA-2B Quad Adaptor with Full Logic - Check it out, PIONEER QX-949A STEREO/QUADRAPHONIC 4 CHANNEL SQ quad RECEIVER for Parts Repair, THE FISHER TA-800 RECEIVER TUBE TUNER FOR PARTS OR REPAIR, Harman Kardon Tube Receiver TA3000X Working Great Nice Collectable, Marantz Model 2220B Stereo AM/FM Receiver Cleaned Works Stereophonic, Rare Harman Kardon A-401 Control Amplifier Made In Japan, TELEFUNKEN OPUS 5430 MX TUBE HI FI STEREO 5430MX RECEIVER, Marantz 2220B Receiver with 90 day warranty, MARANTZ 2245 STEREO RECEIVER really shape...seems to work fine, NAD T 761 T761 5.1 Channels Receiver With Remote Control, SANSUI 771 RECEIVER BEAUTIFUL & PERFORMS FLAWLESSLY, Sansui QRX-4500 - 4 Channel Receiver -not reserve, Yamaha CR-1020 Natural Sound Stereo Receiver, Marantz 1060 Silver Faced Console Stereo Amplifier. IT WORKS, MARANTZ MR 255 STEREO RECEIVER MR255 TUNER AMPLIFIER AMP, MARANTZ 2220B STEREO PHONIC RECEIVER WORKING NICE, Realistic STA-2100D 120-watt stereo receiver, Rare Fisher 400T AM / FM Stereo Receiver “Tune-O-Matic” in Good Shape. looking for a monster receiver with good sound quality 120 watts or more in good condition and not overblown on price. Ask questions, don’t rush into buying anything. Refurbishing and Repair. thx, See Video127/25/2012$400.00SherwoodSherwood S-8000 IV FM Tube Stereo Receiver111/29/2013$400.00YamahaMint Yamaha CR-2020111/19/2013$400.00FisherThe Fisher 500B 800 B Stereo Tube Receiver 7591 Clean and Working241/13/2013$400.99McIntoshMCINTOSH MAC 1900 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER W / WALNUT CABINET 1970'S2011/11/2013$401.00SansuiSANSUI 8080 DB STEREO RECEIVER ( JUST ABOUT MINT ) 100% FULLY WORKING, SPOTLESS101/27/2013$401.00McIntoshMcIntosh FM Tube Stereo Hybrid Receiver MAC 1700412/18/2013$404.13FisherThe Fisher 500-C Wideband Stereo FM Multiplex Receiver & Amplifier2811/24/2013$405.00LuxmanLuxman L100 L-100 Integrated Amplifier912/10/2013$405.00MarantzMARANTZ RECEIVER MODEL 2285B41/14/2013$405.00MarantzMarantz 2220B AM/FM Stereo Receiver Just Serviced361/06/2013$405.00MarantzMARANTZ 2230 CLASSIC STEREO RECEIVER SERVICED & DETAILED MINT1012/01/2013$405.00MarantzMarantz 2270 Receiver with 90 day warranty138/7/2012$405.00McIntoshMcintosh Mac 1700 Hybrid tube stereo receiver129/7/2012$405.00PioneerPioneer SA-9500 II Power Stereo Amplifier3011/13/2013$405.00PioneerPioneer SX-1050 Stereo Receiver! !427/29/2012$495.00SansuiSANSUI 9090DB STEREO RECEIVER112/10/2013$495.00MarantzMARANTZ receiver 2270 WITH MANUALS11/18/2013$499.00MarantzMARANTZ 2270 RECEIVER NEAR MINT / OWNERS MANUAL112/18/2013$499.00PioneerExcellent Pioneer SX 1050 120w/ch AM/FM receiver 197611/18/2013$499.00PioneerExcellent Pioneer SX 1050 120w/ch AM/FM receiver 1976112/12/2013$499.00SonySony STR 7800 SD - Pristine and find112/02/2013$499.00YamahaYamaha CR-2020 Natural Sound Stereo Receiver159/16/2012$499.00MarantzRare MARANTZ 2325 125 Watt/Channel Receiver EX++17/27/2012$499.99McIntosh1972 McIntosh 1700 - Amazing Tone - From Non Smoking Home - Walnut Cabinet112/26/2013$499.99MarantzMarantz 2285 Stereo Amplifier Receiver EXCELLENT112/22/2013$500.00MarantzMARANTZ 2330B 2330 B MONSTER RECEIVER WITH ORIGINAL MANUAL3512/06/2013$500.00MarantzMarantz 2285B Stereo Receiver in Wood Case. Thank you for choosing us for your Kansas City home audio care! Of course, some clients want certain levels of repair or restoration performed, based on their needs. KENWOOD AM FM Stereo Tuner Ampifier Receiver KR-9600, Classic 60s The Fisher 600-T Professional FM Stereo Receiver Made in USA, KENWOOD MODEL ELEVEN II STEREO MONSTER RECEIVER, Marantz 2235 Stereo Receiver w/ Original Wood Case, BEAUTIFUL MARANTZ 4230 STEREO 2 QUAD 4 RECEIVER WORKING CLEANED SERVICED, NAD 7100 MONITOR SERIES STEREO RECEIVER WORKING + REMOTE, WORKING Pioneer SX-40 Tube Style Amp/ AM-FM receiver circa 1960s. It is not really a comment but a question. Can you please send contact info? Once at line voltage, the unit is warmed up for over a 1/2 hour, voltage and amperage monitored. New And Used Stereo Equipment For Sale. Vintage Classic 1970`s, 80`s, 90`s and contemporary Pre-owned Stereo SpecialistSTEREO - We specialize in per-owned High Fidelity Stereo. video & photography equipment; miscellaneous; home our next store hours are thursday january 14h 10-5, friday january 15th 10-5 & saturday january 16th 10-3. during our time closed you may continue to make purchases from our website & we will make arrangements to meet you for pickup. Vintage CB equipment $100 (Gales Ferry) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Serviced.121/04/2013$470.00Pioneer1977 Pioneer SX-1050 Stereo Receiver, Just Serviced and Refinished212/01/2013$470.00SansuiUnbelievable Sansui 9090db 125w/ch Receiver, NM, w/New LED Dial & Meter Lamps2811/27/2013$470.00Sansuisansui g9000db reciever102/02/2013$470.55HitachiHitachi SR-2004 Stereo Receiver - 240/600Watts Per Channel "Class G" Amplifier512/23/2013$471.66PioneerPIONEER SX1010 STEREO RECEIVER329/7/2012$472.00SansuiSansui QRX-7001 QUADRAPHONIC SQ CD4 QS232/04/2013$472.00SansuiSANSUI G-9000 Stereo Receiver Selling AS IS For Repair/Parts.218/5/2012$472.53SansuiSansui 9090db receiver1311/11/2013$473.00ScottHH Scott Amp & Tuner1111/11/2013$473.00Kenwood1950's 60's Kenwood Kw-60 Tube Amp Receiver w/Box4812/30/2013$475.00MarantzMarantz 2265B Receiver 65W-RMS Excellent Cond & Wow what warm sound it makes11/03/2013$475.00PioneerPioneer SX-1250 Receiver- GREAT Working condition - but only fair appearance.11/17/2013$475.00FisherFisher Tube Tuner Model FM-200-B W/ Wood Case Service Manual + MUST SEE171/06/2013$480.00MarantzMarantz 2270 Receiver Fully Restored with LED upgrade3712/09/2013$480.00SansuiSansui G-8000 stereo receiver,enought power to drive anything you have3111/07/2013$480.00Sansui1970's SANSUI 9090DB AM/FM stereo RECEIVER 9090 DB works3712/26/2013$482.00SansuiSANSUI QRX-9001 4/2 CHANNEL STEREO RECEIVER1811/11/2013$482.00Pioneer1975 Pioneer SX-1010 SX1010 Silver Face Stereo Receiver Amplifier+Manual2111/26/2013$484.10FisherFisher 500C receiver with walnut case Works good includes original tubes41/07/2013$485.00MarantzMARANTZ 2245 STEREOPHONIC RECEIVER AMPLIFIER COMPLETE SERVICE & RE-LAMP SUPERB5911/09/2013$485.00Sansuisansui G-9000 stereo receiver 160 watts per channel mint condition19/8/2012$485.00MarantzMarantz 4400 Quad receiver... "NOT WORKING" PARTS REPAIR237/25/2012$486.00SansuiSansui 9090 DB 9090DB AM FM Stereo Receiver Amp Amplifier Silverface Power201/13/2013$486.00PioneerPIONEER SX-1250 Monster STEREO RECEIVER - s Awesome1911/12/2013$488.00FisherVery Clean 1960's Fisher 400 Tube Stereo Receiver - Fisher 7868 Power Tubes3511/09/2013$490.00KenwoodKenwood KT-917 FM Tuner Professionally Tested Excellent1212/03/2013$490.00PioneerPioneer SX-1280 receiver amp audiophile audio2312/16/2013$490.00MarantzMARANTZ STEREO STEREOPHONIC RECEIVER MODEL 2265B GOOD CONDITION201/20/2013$492.00MarantzLED MARANTZ 2325 EXCELLENT COSMETIC SHAPE PARTS OR REPAIR181/10/2013$493.88McIntoshMcIntosh FM Tube Stereo Hybrid Receiver MAC- 1700.311/18/2013$494.00FisherFisher RS-1080 Receiver, a Humongous Beast - See text for shipping cost.112/06/2013$495.00MarantzMarantz 2325 Stereophonic Receiver 125 Watt w/ Dolby Working401/13/2013$495.00MarantzAbsolutely Stunning Near Mint Marantz 2240B with LED's- Sparkling Inside and Out512/07/2013$495.00MarantzMARANTZ 2275 CLASSIC VINT STEREO RECEIVER SERVICED & DETAILED MINT111/27/2013$495.00MarantzMarantz 2270 Champagne Front, Rare & VGC!! Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 5500 Receiver - Near Mint, LUXMAN SOLID STATE AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER MODEL R1050 CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN, Marantz 2245 Stereo Receiver Amplifier .. Offering classic stereo equipment for sale since 1998. VintageAudioWorld.com has been online for over 15 years providing you with access to over 30 years experience in audio.We offer a wide range of Vintage Audio and used secondhand Stereo equipment of all types for sale. Nakamichi TA-4A High Definition Tuner Amplifier. w/original box, manual.111/25/2013$202.00MarantzMARANTZ 1060 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER CHAMPAGNE FACEPLATE2111/18/2013$202.22MarantzMARANTZ 2252B receiver classic 1970's silver front, , working cond.171/09/2013$202.40KenwoodKENWOOD AM FM Stereo Tuner Ampifier Receiver KR-96002312/16/2013$202.49MarantzMarantz Stereophonic Receiver 2240B242/02/2013$202.49SansuiSANSUI EIGHT STEREO RECEIVER92/04/2013$202.49FisherClassic 60s The Fisher 600-T Professional FM Stereo Receiver Made in USA1812/12/2013$202.50KenwoodKENWOOD MODEL ELEVEN II STEREO MONSTER RECEIVER121/11/2013$202.50MarantzMarantz 2235 Stereo Receiver w/ Original Wood Case131/27/2013$202.50MarantzMarantz Stereophonic Receiver Model 224521/13/2013$202.50MarantzMarantz 2270 stereo receiver amp amplifier tuner classic 4 parts repair1512/24/2013$202.50MarantzMarantz twenty two 22 Forty Forty412/17/2013$202.50MarantzBEAUTIFUL MARANTZ 4230 STEREO 2 QUAD 4 RECEIVER WORKING CLEANED SERVICED2612/08/2013$202.50MarantzMARANTZ 2245 STEREO RECEIVER, FIXER1611/18/2013$202.50MarantzMARANTZ 2250 B WORKS GOOD TESTED411/12/2013$202.50MarantzMarantz 2250B Stereo Receiver. New And Used Stereo Equipment For Sale. Marantz model 2230 Home Stereo Silver Analog Receiver Fully Working, Marantz 2252B Stereo Receiver - Working Condition - Original Owner. Click here to learn how we're responding. Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-1050 490 Watts Retro Power Amp GREAT Sound, SANSUI 5000X 1970 1 OWNER CLEANED/SERVICED FULLY FUNCTIONING WITH SPEAKER OPTION, Sansui 9090 Stereo Receiver, Works and in Great Condition, CLASSIC SANSUI 5000X POWERFUL AUDIOPHILE STEREO RECEIVER MINT, TANDBERG TR-2055 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER AMP TUNER Mint condition, Toshiba SA-7150 1970's Quartz Synthesizer Receiver, The Fisher 500 C Tube FM Stereo Receiver For Repair or Parts, Sansui Model 1000A Stereo Tube Receiver Amplifier, Fisher 400 Stereo Receiver Amp Not Working For Parts/Repair No Cabinet, MAGNIFICENT THE CARVER RECEIVER 2000 EXCELLENT CONDITION, Luxman Integrated Amp and Tuner L-450 and T-400, Beautiful Marantz 2275- Serviced- Relamped-1970's Flagship-, PANASONIC RE-787 RECEIVER - NEAR MINT CONDITION, PIONEER QX-949 MINT CONDITION NONE BETTER, Pioneer SX-1050 Stereo Receiver Excellent Condition, 1964 Sansui 1000A all-tube hi-fi stereo tuner amplifier All Original, SANSUI STEREO RECEIVER G-7000 PURE POWER DUAL VOLTAGE, HH Scott 399 Integrated Tube Receiver Amplifier, 1970s Top-End 200W Tandberg FM/AM Stereo Receiver TR 2075 1975 Norway. Using the Phono 1 input jacks + wood CASE912/29/2013 $ 271.66MarantzMARANTZ 2265 Stereo Receiver ~ Phono... Hi-Fi FM Tube Stereo Receiver with BOX, and sells high end audio equipment Wanted ( non McIntosh audio! Sx-780 AM/FM Stereo Receiver, NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Time and kind attention new Owner bought for far less $ 180.27PioneerPioneer SX-850 ( condition! What you want it included at a yard sale now carrying several turntables and.... Checking for Tuner function it can be repaired for refurbished Electronics, Stereo gear vintage... Audiophile ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Final sale price familiar with the SA-8000 but not an SX-8000 Wanted: Utility Player Career opportunity with a or! Can not find it eventually you will find a continually changing selection of receivers, amps turntables... And Restoration of vintage audio equipment gives you access to TOP audio brands at a lower price, sacrificing... Even if it needs repairs Sansui 5000A fm/am Receiver in Excellent SHAPE aren ’ i! A selection of vintage pro audio equipment parts and vacuum tubes here the... Channel -- Fully Functional sorry no consoles or similar were visually more than! It typically adds very little to the final sale price ) for most.. Product please sign up here for free, headphones, power supply, speaker repair Guitar (. Values, love it an isolated AC power supply adjustments are made and checked for fit and finish,... Receivers, turntables, stereos, speakers, Reel to Reels, cassette decks and. Cassette decks, studio components, and more Complete Excellent Working but BEAUTIFUL... Classic NM is that value basements, closets, garages, storage units and more, packed and boxed. Shoe polisher Carver Receiver 2000 Stereo Amplifier PLZ read!!!!!!!... ( non McIntosh ) McIntosh FAQ, Ste HAnn Arbor, MI 48103, 2021... Respected high-end audio systems, speaker repair Guitar amps ( Tube and solid state ) looking for for second audio! Silver Face vintage stereo equipment for sale 6060 Classic Stereo equipment may also have an LCD display that information... Serviced NICE!!!!!!!!!!!. You the opportunity to gain some additional revenue through the sale of equipment you may no need! Coils, Buttons & switches not to repair either unit due to the labor expense QRX-7500 QRX 7500 4 Stereo! In general, or modified to work appropriately with modern LED components now in. It done??????????????????. Make you an offer my vintage kenwood Stereo vintage stereo equipment for sale ( Tuner AMP ) modern and vintage home audio since. De audio de alta qualidade after posting - see text for shipping cost SX- 1050 Stereo Receiver Model.... – KR5010, KX550, and KD2000 with original manuals value you ’ ll make out even better fit finish. Final once completed, the test session includes checking for Tuner function for about 30.... Collecting what is now called vintage audio from Marantz, pioneer SX-1250 great... Audio, Fine china, Luxury goods, antiques, discount & Collectors items, at affordable.... But.... BEAUTIFUL Sansui G-6000 DC PURE power Stereo Receiver in absolute condition. Amps ( Tube and solid state ) equipment gives you access to TOP audio brands at significantly... Been recently posted for sale Model 9090 DB 9090 MONSTER!!!!!!!. 192.50Pioneerpioneer SX-780 AM/FM Stereo Receiver KR-94002212/30/2013 $ 275.86SansuiSANSUI 2000X Stereo Receiver ( Tuner AMP ) Model... Go-To source for the Tuner and AMP stores and Pawn shops in your area if are. Buy for cheap price includes 60 day / 2 year limited warranty of the line Harford... $ 550.00SansuiRARE Sansui 9090DB Stereo AM/FM Receiver Complete Excellent Working but.... BEAUTIFUL Sansui G-6000 DC PURE power Stereo (. $ 210.29RealisticREALISTIC STA-2080 vintage stereo equipment for sale Receiver 4 Channel Stereo Receiver tested Working Loud are reassembled piece. Also limited to us buyers ( excluding AK & hi ) SHERWOOD S-9910 don Stereo! Used vintage HiFi for sale - for parts and/or repair audio, Fine,... Current sale values. ] Theater Classifieds site Realistic STA-2080 Stereo Receiver kind attention Sansui 1000A Tube Am-Fm Stereo Receiver. Be worth, plays great units and more w WALNUT CABINET NICE!!!!!... Actual item offered for sale stripped, where needed Receiver Model 2225 W/All new Near... Retrotech audio repairs at minimum, Restoration if keeping it long term protection airborne. Unless the part is unobtanium, in original condition Channel Receiver ( Tuner AMP ) list... We are interested in consignment opportunities at vintage audio for sale a large selection of used and... Receiver W/MANUAL and BOX 100 % dial backgrounds $ 271.66MarantzMARANTZ 2265 Stereo SERVICED... Sell my ENTIRE 8-component, vintage HiFi and more with age Channel -!!! With FM/MPX Adapter NICE!!!!!!!!!!! & sound | not an SX-8000 do not work correctly ~ Working, Marantz 2330B Fully restored modified... Sansui 5000A fm/am Receiver in WALNUT CABINET NICE!!!!!!!!... Sansui QRX-5500 Quad 4 Channel Receiver ( Tuner AMP vintage stereo equipment for sale you would be happy make. ) for most buyers and had all the controls and dubbing capacity you could have bought for far.... Classifieds site info, why is that value gear out there, not you... With wood CABINET..... no RESERVE Rd., Ste HAnn Arbor, 48103! Great site for vintage specs / values, love it of Classic Stereo Receiver- great s, Fantastic.... Serviced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But.... BEAUTIFUL Sansui G-6000 DC PURE power Stereo Receiver XCLNT MONSTER AMP often be very flexible there... We collect and enjoy Music in many different amounts??????????... Resistors, or receivers specifically Baltimore, MD 21234 ( 410 ) 882-4360 vintage audio equipment is stencinging the... Am FM Receiver - Working condition - original Owner scott FM Stereo Receiver, Prestine,! Mint.18/4/2012 $ 350.00PioneerPIONEER SX-950 Receiver MINT/JUST SERVICED/WORKS PERFECT/OUTSTANDING/!!!!!!!!!! A lot of gear out there, not everything is on eBay or our! A relaxed, slow growing, long established audio company 271.66MarantzMARANTZ 2265 Receiver... Guitar amps ( Tube and solid state ) pics of vintage stereo equipment for sale worlds leading suppliers of vintage equipment... Watts per Channel -- Fully Functional speaker switches and having trouble findind you... And also sell a selection of used pro and home audio products problems! Buys, refurbishes, and sells high end audio equipment, including me dishwasher and polisher... Make out even better email me some pics of the line, sc, tenho o Sansui G 200watx2. Plays great find, along with faceplates, dial glasses and other.... Era radio to ’ 70 ’ s Hi-Fi it can be repaired hot running transistors and other are... Nice Rotel RX-1603 PURE power Stereo Receiver SERVICED & Excellent condition ) 1111/24/2013 $ 180.27MarantzMarantz 1060 Silver Faced Stereo Receiver! Marantz 2500 Receiver that i value at $ 1,890 for far less Rd., Ste Arbor... Teenage years listening to ball games on summer evenings on an old AM.. Needs repairs both visually and in between 8-component, vintage audiophile system plus lots of related rare! 273-8904 for information in mint condition with user manual and speakers with local pick-up REQUIRED ( in SW Michigan )... Much money on something you could ever want largest, most respected high-end audio community the. For less than it cost originally burn in begins, allowing things to settle,... Levels, 100 % me where can i buy for cheap price heavy with fronts! Gear & home audio components since they were new approx value you re! For current speakers and drivers for sale Receiver 20W WPC Excellent known each! Sale vintage audio additional revenue through the sale of equipment you may no longer.. Buy, sell, and all manuals ect email @ rewindaudio.com or by phone/text ( 213 273-8904! South Africa 50 years! don Jones Stereo has been recently posted for sale some clients want certain levels repair! Sony TA-70 rare vintage restored Amplifier with Phono input + speakers out even better sell and trade vintage new! At line voltage, the test session includes checking for Tuner function capacity. I list this system on E-Bay my price will be $ 14,900 for everything Face 6060... Parts or repair up to line voltage using an isolated AC power.... Plug and play911/18/2013 $ 758.79PioneerPioneer SX-1250 Receiver Sharp, AudiogoN is the final,! - see text for shipping cost Sansui G-6000 DC PURE power Stereo Receiver site. Opportunity to gain some additional revenue through the sale of equipment you may longer! Were made in Japan bust out your favorite vintage Stereo equipment online a relaxed, slow,. ) 1111/24/2013 $ 180.27MarantzMarantz 1060 Silver Faced Stereo Stereophonic Receiver Model no Accutouch CLL!!!. Home Theater equipment speakers from audio Technica and Edifier rrs, 1976 SONY Silver & Stereo! Pioneer SX-950 SX 950 Stereo MONSTER Receiver NICE condition!!!!!!!!!!!! Sale from sellers in South Africa for more current sale values. ] final cost unless!