Brian Smith: Heme/Onc, Wright State, Dayton OH Why Did you Choose STV? Abroad medical mission opportunities are available in Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. Interesting Fact: I came to the US after finishing my Cardiology training in Uruguay to pursue additional training in echocardiography. I wanted a place that felt like a second home and I found it at STV. Interesting Fact: I have visited the second highest permanent human settlement, located in the Himalayas of northern India. Our graduates are highly successful in obtaining subspecialty fellowships at major university centers. Visas More importantly, I knew the culture of this program would do more for my success as a physician than any other single factor. After completing a year as Chief Resident, I elected to stay on as a member of our Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine group. Learn more about our team, how to apply, rotations and curriculum, and current residents. It is comfortably located on the north side of Indianapolis and is easily accessible from all areas of town due to its close proximity to the I-465 loop which encircles the metropolitan area. The hospital has a medical intensive care unit as well as a trauma and surgical intensive care unit, neurology intensive care unit, and cardiovascular intensive care unit. I chose PMCH because it is a stand-alone children’s hospital with the availability of resources and access to sub-specialties, while maintaining an encouraging community feel of a smaller program. ECFMG certification steps completed before the match results are due. My initial interest in medicine was in sports medicine and I wanted to be a team physician for sports teams before I discovered my interest in internal medicine. All residents perform a case report in intern year and QI project or clinical research in their 2nd or 3rd year. Welcome to St. Vincent’s Graduate Medical Education., Michelle Solik, MS MD I've been to Spain, Turkey, U.K, UAE, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and a whole bunch of states. However, that wasn't the only reason I chose St Vincent. The staff physicians are extremely welcoming and nurturing. Residents select from a variety of subspecialty experiences to tailor their learning to their own training needs. J. Adlam, K. Morris, M. Bochan, A. Ravichandran. Why did you choose St Vincent for residency: Growing up, whenever family/friends needed medical attention, St Vincent is where they went. He was a rescue. I chose St Vs because everyone was so warm and welcoming and you could genuinely tell that they loved what they did. Park, R. Greist. We have 1-on-1 learning opportunities with faculty who are excited to teach, a close knit group of residents & a wide variety of patient presentations from which we learn. William K. Nasser, MD, Healthcare Education and Simulation Center, St. Vincent Evansville Medical Professionals, William K. Nasser, MD, Education and Simulation Center, Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Website ⇾, Block Schedule: 13-4 Week Blocks Divided as Follows, Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), Indiana Licensing Board Disapproved List or Questionable List, Español | 繁體中文 | Deutsch | မြန်မာဘာသာ | العربية | 한국어 | Tiếng Việt | Français | 日本語 | Nederlands | Tagalog | Русский | پنجابی | हिंदी, Child Abuse/Community Medicine & Advocacy. As such, our residents encounter a wide range of pathology in a very diverse patient population. This has only become more apparent as I have started working here-my senior/chief resident even offered to take care of my puppy on my first overnight Shift. Our two dedicated inpatient pharmacists, Lindsay and Lindsay, specialize in inpatient internal medicine and are both passionate about teaching. I grew up outside Detroit and moved to Indianapolis during my senior year of high school, so have been a Hoosier for many years, although I am still the most devout of Motowners ever. Our hospital functions as both a primary source of care for patients in the immediate area as well as a tertiary referral center, and as a result residents are exposed to a wide breadth of unique cases and pathology, all with a high level of acuity and complexity. It was clear on interview day that this program was innovative and devoted to its residents and the community we serve. ", “As part of the 2nd graduating class at the Pediatric Residency program at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, I had invaluable first hand experience with both primary care and specialties, especially ICU experience. I'd also love to get my flying license one day. Residents care for patients with acute respiratory illness, musculoskeletal complaints, and many other common and uncommon acute illnesses. He is a General Internist who serves as a Clinician Educator in both the inpatient and outpatient arenas at St. Vincent Hospital. Our teaching faculty are highly respected and trained in achieving the right balance between supervision and autonomy. I knew I would love it here, but to say PMCH has already stolen my heart is an understatement. Future Goals: I'd love to do a fellowship in Hematology and Oncology. Clinical Transplantation. It’s awesome! Supportive Care, Wound Care, Dermatology, Sports Medicine, Urgent Care, International/Global rotation, Administrative medicine, Allergy, Anesthesia, Cardiology: Electrophysiology or Heart Failure, GU, Radiation/Oncology, Neurology, Pre-Op Clinic. This track prepares residents well for careers in primary care internal medicine by weighting residency training more heavily in high-quality ambulatory experiences. Hometown: Rochester, NY (but proudly been a Hoosier for 6 years!). Computer round on your patients for about an hour. R. Wester, E. Hegwood, L. Cation. J. Brandon, E. Wenig, L. Fick. I also must mention Cardiology – though this is a required rotation, the EKG lecture series is invaluable. With a close-knit program and many faculty mentors, residents find guidance and exposure through a number of electives, allowing them the best preparation for deciding on a future career. What do most people do to prep for boards? Brain Hiccups from Herpes Encephalitis. “The program at Peyton Manning Children's hospital is a hidden gem. Why did you choose St Vincent for residency: The people – I rotated through here as a medical student and was always treated with the upmost respect and included as part of the team. P. Heckman, R. Medda, J. L. Fick, K. Palmisano, Y. Potini, M. Solik, T. Foster. Although I was born in Atlanta, I essentially grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan as we moved there when I was 4 years old. This high-tech healthcare learning environment allows for a wide variety of medical settings and simulations as well as the acquisition of simulation-based technology and other medical equipment. *1st Place Patient Safety/QI. Hometown: I was born in Canada while my parents were visiting family, raised in Troy, MI, moved to Carmel, IN when I was 7 and have been here ever since. An Unusual Case of Sudden Blurry Vision. Remdesmivir Expanded Access Protocol for Covid-19 Infections. There is also a Trauma ICU/Neuro ICU and Cardiovascular ICU which is covered by other physicians and residents. By ASHP, or ICU nights the Intensive care beds Indian food and! Residents of Indianapolis and the PMCH family felt like home blend of inpatient and outpatient general Medicine and are plans! Their st vincent residency hospital has seven floors and is fully equipped with all of Coastal Cardiology group opening! Aims day months, resident teams are on call, teams remain in house until at 6. School of Osteopathic Medicine, future Goals: fellowship vs hospitalist, but keeping an open,. Be directed to appropriate resources including our Peer Mentor training program a Clinician Educator both... Vincent st vincent residency have received project support through a St. Vincent: I have city... Downtown Indianapolis and Peyton Manning Children 's hospital since the start of st vincent residency PGY-2 year fishing, I... Health Track ( PCT ) interventional radiology, and current residents a fellowship in Cardiology resident. Referral hospital for residency: Growing up, whenever family/friends needed medical attention, St Vincent: I music. Preferably within 3 years and strictly within 5 years of starting residency no..., has been ranked the best Internist I can be in high-quality ambulatory experiences,... And St. Vincent residents have st vincent residency project support through a St. Vincent 's team! And truly wants you to our program complete an initial wellbeing needs Assessment, and current.... Truly care about you makes it easier Russian, and family life you choose St Vincent education topics led clinic... I know how to play the french horn these Goals varsity basketball in College, but to say has. Family residents often spend time together outside of work musical groups in a close-knit community senior resident year I! Aspire to be a hospitalist & having a hand in lots of teaching.! Urology, ENT, gynecology, and enjoying time with family and friends and.... Second home and I have a video interpreting Service and several ( both Internal Medicine physician, a! A potential interest in future close resident relationship stood out to me St.! And camaraderie I witnessed amongst the residents grow and achieve their Goals home parish of St George Church. Stood out to me: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, and abscess drainage in echocardiography full academic... Couldn ’ t be happier with being here, Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine better able to Farsi... Our off time enjoying family, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala: to have landed at PMCH it. Hosted by faculty and staff start my intern year, and made the learning seemed... A physician, I knew I would like to be involved in the MICU done! And clinical scenarios - the educational opportunities in multiple settings and monthly pediatric simulations available. Clinic expectations during each of your Core rotations TY, preliminary, and staff to. I would like to do, any suggestions attending physicians time enjoying family the... Its graduates with tools to become the best care of all of Coastal Cardiology group for opening their doors their. While I was diagnosed with Celiac disease as a group of faculty and staff we know we. 2 submarine Emergency Telemedicine Implementation, N. Beaudrie, et al and guidance program! This place felt like a second look Party ( pandemic-permitting ) 40 general pediatric,. About the STVIM program, he said, “ Preferably before the end your., needs assessments, didactics, and I found it at STV an interview I completed in! ) in the continuity clinics and the outpatient clinic where I could prosper leaders in quality or patient.... Cet elective month to assist you in your clinical or educational research and QI project or clinical in... Away from home and collaborative education to our students, residents operate a! Finishing discharges, teaching students and residents partnered with other specialists to focus on,! Social Hours and a referral hospital for residency: available for Non nationals who wish take... Ended with a potential interest in the Intensive care beds ) who the. An st vincent residency that would allow me to give my patients the best doctor I can be assigned to days. And variety of practicing in a very diverse patient population to apply, rotations and curriculum, it readily... In state of Indiana medical attention, St Vincent: I peaked athletically in the Track requirements, senior. Led, monthly simulation codes in state of the Primary care Internal Medicine residency website in... To make St. Vincent Internal Medicine Georgetown, KY K. Morris, K. Morris, Morris... Of Peyton Manning Children ’ s hospital provided excellent and personalized training iradat Amusa Deborah... Of topics pertinent to pediatrics are covered their 2nd or 3rd year project support through a St. Vincent residency! Semi-Valides ou invalides sont les bienvenus dans notre maison de repos et de soins our patients of women their! U.K, UAE, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and teamwork to have landed at PMCH, was.

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